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Since its beginning in 1882, Zodiac watches have earned an international reputation for quality and innovation. Over the years, these innovations include: the launching of the first Swiss-made automatic sports watch in 1930; the introduction of the first professional Zodiac watches sports and diver's watch in 1953; the manufacture of the first Swiss analog quartz watch in 1970; and the invention of a patented new system of shock-resistant cases in 1974.

Whether the basic stainless-steel model or the top-of-the-line bi-colored chronograph, Zodiac watches exemplify watchmaking artistry and engineering at its best. Manufactured in Switzerland out of materials that ensure precision and resistance in any circumstances, they're elegant enough for evening wear and rugged enough for the harshest underwater environment. In fact, the famed Navy SEALS have relied upon Zodiac watches for years.

While the inside of a Zodiac is a marvel in the making, the exterior is no less exceptional. The case is carved out of a block of the finest surgical grade stainless steel and is a model of durability. So, too, is the stainless-steel bracelet, a technological achievement in its own right, featuring a solid folding clasp with built-in extender and safety device that prevents the clasp from opening unexpectedly.

Quality is symbolized by the Zodiac point - red, gold, silver or blue, depending on the collection - that guarantees reliability of the highest order. Ashford.com is proud to offer Zodiac watches.

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