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Founded in 1853, in Le Locle, the cradle of the Swiss watch-making industry, Tissot is Tissot watches one of the leading watches in the popular Swatch Group. Throughout the years, the company has received worldwide acclaim, thanks to several well-known innovations: the first anti-magnetic watch, the first plastic watch (Idea 2001), the first watch made of stone (the Rochwatch) and even the first watch made of wood (the Woodwatch). What's next for Tissot? The first exclusively feminine line, the T-Collection.

Tissot watches offer such features as quartz crystals to control precise regulation and titanium parts. Tissot watches for divers and navigators are also available. When selecting a watch, trust only in true values, such as those available from Tissot.

Tissot is particularly known for their autoquartz movement featured in the PR and Ballade collections.

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