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Since its founding in 1853, the watchmakers of Revue Thommen have been applauded for originality and inventiveness in their products—classic designs that are as timely today as they were originally. Revue Thommen watches are composed of equal parts of technology and tradition.

Revue Thommen watchesIn fact, many of the watchmaker’s more famous designs, such as the President’s Watch from the Cricket collection, are faithfully recreated today, having maintained all of their functionality and appeal. This legendary wristwatch, worn by many world leaders, was the world’s first acoustic alarm wristwatch and its 50th anniversary was celebrated with limited editions of the original, crafted from platinum. The contemporary version of the Cricket is fitted with a replica of the original 1947 mechanical movement.

In 1936, Revue Thommen spread its precision interests into the field of flight instrumentation and began to manufacture some of the world’s finest altimeters, speed indicators, chronographs and watches adapted to the needs of aviation. The Revue Thommen watches of today are greatly influenced by this period in the company’s history. The Airspeed collection features such aviation requirements as altimeters; analog displays for hour and minute; digital displays for second, day, date, two timers, chronograph and alarm, with a replica flight instrument dial in water-resistant titanium or steel cases and double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal. Offering fewer functions than the Airspeed collection, the Streamline collection is noted for its outstanding aviation-influenced design, a riveted bezel and wing-like bracelet links.

Both collections are sophisticated examples of Revue Thommen’s unique ability to blend the pioneering spirit with technological expertise. is proud to offer Revue Thommen watches.

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