Skagen Watches

Skagen watches was founded on the principle that beautifully designed, high-quality objects can be created at reasonable prices. With a focus on elegant simplicity, technical Skagen watches precision, and above all, innovation, the Skagen Collection is one of the most unique and recognizable lines worldwide.

Skagen takes its name from a small fishing hamlet at the tip of Jutland peninsula in Northern Denmark. The breathtaking scenery, a favorite of artists for generations, is known for its spectacular contrast of land, sea and sky.

The beauty of this remote Danish community is recalled in Skagen watches' clean, elegant designs. Scandinavian aesthetics, combined with skillful craftsmanship and technical perfection, are unmistakable in these watches of unsurpassed appeal.

When you purchase a timepiece from the Skagen Collection, you join an international community of Skagen owners who believe in a philosophy of design and manufacturing excellence.

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