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Sector watches are no mere sport watches. A Sector is an aggressive sport watch that offers top performance, stylish design and knows No Limits.

Heavily influenced by design, function, durability and wearability suggestions from Sector's No Limits team of super-athletes (who test them in the field), Sector watches are a product of continuous innovation, research and development. Each model is a high performance timepiece of guaranteed quality and reliability, even in the most extreme conditions. All Sector watches are modern and sharp in design and feature Swiss-quartz or automatic movement. All are also water resistant to a minimum 300 feet, built of strong and durable materials (steel and titanium) and are available in men's and women's design.

The Sector 1999 collection features a broad selection of models from the sporty, fashionable 250 line designed to appeal to the younger generation to the DT (Diving Team) 1000 designed specifically for professional use and water resistant to a depth of 1,000 meters (3,280 feet).

Sector watches are designed to perform their functions on the wrists of Sector's No Limits team and people like them who share a No Limits outlook. This philosophy embraces a person's natural tendency toward progress, personal improvement and the search for the unknown. Adopting a No Limits outlook means disregarding physical, mental and social barriers in order to achieve dreams and goals of various natures - from extreme sport activities and the conquering of unimaginable challenges to the more common aspects of human life.

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