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The artistry of Paul Lantuch is reminiscent of bygone eras of opulence. Working with the beauty of precious metal, studded with gemstones, his work Paul Lantuch is distinguished by delicately carved details and a special patina (circa 1800 France) that enhances the richness of gold. He borrows his elegant and powerful motifs from history--the lion’s head, the mask medallion, the delicate cameo rendered in semi-precious stone instead of coral or shell. A Paul Lantuch piece is above all things, dramatic.

Latvian born, Paul was brought up to be an artist. After years of study in painting, drawing, composition and art history, he earned his degree in Sculpture from the Art School of Vilnius. His far ranging study of art led to his fascination with jewelry, particularly ancient designs and styles crafted in gold and silver. From 1970 to 1979, he worked as a jewelry designer in the Fashion House of Vilnius, designing medals and illustrated books in his spare time. Deciding that his options were limited behind the Iron Curtain, he immigrated to the US in 1979 and took up a position as personal gun engraver for William Ruger of Sturm Ruger Co. Several of his gold inlay and engraved works were special commissions for Presidents Carter and Bush, Vice President Mondale and singer Hank Williams, Jr., among other celebrities.

Paul’s lengthy study of the metalworking techniques employed in Ancient Rome and Greece led him to design and produce many of his own tools and teach himself the necessary processed through trial and error. As a consequence, he understands the field completely. Most Lantuch pieces are made entirely by hand, including the extremely detailed carvings in precious stone.

Either of the hand engraved 18k gold and sterling silver mask or lion bracelets are wonderful examples of Paul’s artistry as well as the spirit of the ancients that he understands so well. In his Art Nouveau style cufflinks and Wall Street cufflinks which feature both a bull and a bear in elegantly carved relief, he has also demonstrated a flair for styles more closely connected with the 20th century.

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