Pascal Lacroix Jewelry

The bangle bracelet, an essential and classic piece for every woman's jewelry wardrobe, met its true master in Pascal Lacroix. Taking the simple shape and its rigid form, he fashioned an elegant variation in yellow and white gold accented with diamonds. What fashion-conscious woman could resist such style?

Pascal Lacroix is a bangle specialist. Working solely in yellow and white 14k and 18k gold, he shapes his bangles to sit comfortably and naturally on a woman's wrist by itself, in pairs or multiples. Pascal uses only EFVS and EFVVS diamonds up to a quarter carat (25 points) to augment the appeal of his signature designs. Each gleaming bracelet can be modified to suit individual needs and customized to incorporate solitaire diamonds larger than a quarter carat.

Lacroix regards his handiwork with an artist's eye. "My designs are not based on current trends," he says. Instead, he imbues each piece with a deep, personal emotion and spirit that lends each bracelet with an intimate timelessness. "I see designing bracelets as an art form to enhance a woman's beauty. "Indeed, each sparkling circle is a complete work of art in itself.

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