Michael Good Jewelry

They are fluid, liquid shapes that twist and flow in and around one another, yet they are not poured or molded. No solder is used. The energy of the gold forms Michael Good seem natural, yet they are not derived from nature. It's as if Michael Good, jewelry artist, intuitively follows the rational and logical path of the gold to discover the harmony of his unique and classically elegant pieces. Lovers of his art call his work "molten energy."

Good's collections include necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings in 18k gold or platinum, shaped by a unique process known as "anticlastic raising." Having spent a decade pioneering, evolving and perfecting the technique and his craftsmanship, the unusual fluidity of his designs have become his signature. Anticlastic raising involves laying a thin sheet of precious metal atop a specially manufactured, sinusoidal shaped anvil, and then hammering the metal into a three-dimensional shape. The variety of shapes achieved depends on the shape of the original sheet and the intuition of the artist.

Good is convinced that the best designs are open, articulate and simple-- expressing a harmonious balance between flexibility, complexity, strength and economy. The results are collections with a distinctive vitality and elegant simplicity. Ornate only in the use of precious metals, his work sets itself apart from those of other jewelers and is hailed as classically collectable.

This is Art as jewelry that is best displayed against the simplest of backgrounds upon the human form. Only then can each exquisite piece draw the beholder's eye into its bewitching diversity of flowing, seemingly living forms.

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