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For over 75 years, members of the Mastoloni family have worked together to become leading American importers of fine quality cultured pearls. Artists in the selection of high quality cultured pearls, the Mastoloni family designs and styles their jewelry creations with loving care. Their name, now recognized as exclusive producers of pearl creations, has become synonymous with the sheer elegance of these exquisite gems and a collection known as Miracle of the Sea by Mastoloni.

Mastoloni selects their pearls primarily for their quality and luster. But luster is more than a surface element. It is the light and life of a pearl that permeates the gem through and through. It's the concentric layers of pearl nacre producing an iridescence that reveals true beauty to the beholder's eye.

When Mastoloni expertly combines fine cultured pearls with 14 and 18kt gold in rings, earrings, necklaces, pins and bracelets, the total quality reflects a glowing value that cannot be compared to any other type of gem. Akoya cultured and South Sea pearls are individually selected for necklaces constructed with meticulous care. These are charming and elegant creations to cherish forever.

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