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To Jean Francois Albert, the conventional round ring came with an annoying drawback. If weighted with a stone, it had a tendency to twirl. To keep his own Jean Francois Albert designs upright, he designed a ring based upon the most elegant meeting of form and function. The "soft square" band, a breakthrough in jewelry design offers the wearer comfort in a ring shank that more closely follows the actual shape of the finger. But that's just one of the designer's hallmark innovations. His distinctive SignatureFit(TM) heralds the next era in ring design.

Jean-Francois is truly one of the world's leaders in the design of fine jewelry. As the four-time winner of the prestigious De Beers Diamonds Today Award, three-time winner of the American Gem Trade Association's Spectrum Design Competition, Jean-Francois seems to have his finger on the pulse of jewelry design. With his soft-square ring band design whole heartedly embraced by the trade, he moved on to his next challenge - a ring that adjusts to fit perfectly each time - the SignatureFit(TM).

The SignatureFit(TM), created in 18k gold and platinum and set with the rare, one-of-a-kind colored gems favored by Jean-Francois, can easily accommodate changes in the wearer's ring size. A self-sizing design, the Signature fit solves the problems of rings which slip, pinch or won't pass over a knuckle, yet retains the JFA character of sleek, powerful design forms for which the designer is known. Featuring a variety of multi-carat gem stones including amethysts, tanzanites, peridots, yellow beryls, indicolites, aquamarines and pink or green tourmalines, the SignatureFit(TM) is an eye-catching study in flexibility and versatility in fine jewelry.

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