Jacob Snow Jewelry

Jacob Snow believes that designer jewelry is an art form. Not only should it stir the emotion and soul of the wearer, but it should also be a delicate balance Jacob Snow between the artistic quality of fine art and the exacting science of master goldsmithing. In his Heirloom collection, the emotion is readily apparent. The collection, in the designer’s own words, "is all about romance, femininity and love."

From his background as a well respected design consultant and advanced diamond setter for many of America’s top jeweler’s, Jacob Snow developed the design philosophy he would advance in his own collections. His ten years of experience paid off handsomely when he was named "Rising Star" for the Las Vegas JCK International Jewelry Show and took home top honors in the 1995 American Jewelry Design Council Talent Competition.

His Heirloom collection is the delightful result of his rich experience tempered with his exquisite sense of design and style. Each handmade and hand-carved 18k or platinum piece is a Jacob Snow original, designed to stand the test of time.

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