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The watches designed and manufactured by Carlo Ferrara are far from ordinary. The watchmaker's Regulator collection is nothing less than a stunning technical innovation that Carlo Ferrara Watches apparently caused quite a stir at the last international conference on watchmaking in Basilea. Why? Simply because this timepiece changes the way one reads the time off the watch face.

Where conventional wrist watches indicate time with two or three hands that all move in the same circle with each hour overlapping the previous one in a succession of 12 hours, the Regulator features three dials all situated on the same face. One dial and hand indicates hours, one indicates minutes and one indicates seconds. Each has its own hand which moves in both a circular and vertical motion, hence there is no overlapping - a rather harmonious and entirely elegant movement.

Although watches as unconventional as the Carlo Ferrara Regulator are often considered to be collectors' items, or intended for an elite buyer - the design and mechanics of this unique masterpiece will appeal to any watch enthusiast with an appreciation for precision instruments.

The Regulator by Carlo Ferrara is available with a stainless steel or 18k gold case with white, solid silver, black or gray faces and with roman or Arabic numberings.

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