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For centuries, the watch making craft has been the passion of the Swiss. And since 1924, it too has been Delma’s passion - a passion driven by the desire to create an affordable timepiece worthy of the label “Swiss Made”.

Delma watchesDelma Watches prides itself first on quality. The heart of every Delma watch is composed entirely of Swiss movements and parts, and is cased in solid gold, platinum, or stainless steel. Each component of every watch must pass strict quality control before the watch is assembled. So high is the quality control, that for the year 1996, less than one out of thousand pieces were serviced after shipping.

Some of the collections from Delma Watches have been featured in such publications as Town and Country, Vanity Fair and Vogue. The Platinum Collection has been regarded by many as the best value in a solid platinum watch today, considering the workmanship, detail and high performance Swiss quartz movement.

Since more and more people suffer from allergies, Delma Watches took the initiative to begin in 1993 to treat all their gold plated watches with nickel-free plating. This hypo-allergenic plating is 5 microns of 18 karat gold, and is particularly resistant to wear. Such attention to detail in a moderately priced watch is an innovation itself. Such attention to detail in a Swiss made watch at an affordable price is what sets Delma Watches apart from its peers. This is the thinking behind the company motto: “Delma Swiss, Quality made Affordable”.

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