Wendy Brigode Jewelry

Ever since her beginnings in Hollywood as a personal stylist for Linda Ronstadt, Wendy Brigode has been fascinated with color, shape and texture. After applying her talents and keen eye for fresh ideas as an interior decorator for a number of Hollywood notables for 15 years, she focused her design skills and artistic gifts in a distinctive line of jewelry that captured the true sense of the early '90s.

Today, combined with Brigode's emotions and sensibilities about women and their adornments, her artistic skill in creating beautiful designs has yielded stunning pieces that complement and enhance the individual beauty of the women who wear them. She believes that every woman has her own organic palette of color, form and texture - and her designs reflect her ability to mix and match color and light in stones, bead and pearls, to bring out the best qualities of each individual.

Working with baroque cultured and freshwater pearls, she fashioned a necklace that caught the world's attention when Rene Russo wore it in the movie "Tin Cup." Today her "Tin Cup" pearls, with their signature spacing, is one of the most popular, and often imitated items of jewelry in the world. Wendy also mixes semi-precious stones, such as aquamarine, peridot, tourmaline, amethyst, citrine and others with pearls in earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Her designs are contemporary and stylish, yet highly romantic and collectable for their sheer beauty alone.

It is Wendy Brigode's supreme sense of color and her creative way with pearls of all varieties, beads and fine stones that enchants customers the world over.

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