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In a world of non-stop efficiency, it’s a welcome relief to discover a watch that keeps you punctual and yet still exudes style. Boccia Watches Boccia watches are made for people who, if they must participate in the March of Time, insist on being well dressed for it.

Titanium is a lighter, stronger metal than stainless steel and is also hypoallergenic. Boccia watches’ titanium straps are so lightweight, they don’t leave indentations on the wearer’s wrist. (Boccia’s mesh bracelets are made of polished stainless steel and stylishly complement the matte titanium.)

Women’s Boccia watches are designed by Milanese fashion designer Marina Sechi. The men’s line is the work of Michael Qvortrup, a Scandinavian renowned for his industrial designs. Each Boccia collection is characterized by clean, uncluttered minimalist lines, bold colors, large hour markers, and circular, square or rectangular faces— a very distinctive look.

This look has contributed to Boccia becoming one of the hottest lines to cross the Atlantic in recent history. The Boccia collection now has more than 100 models, each with an artful, museum-quality sophistication. The timekeeping mechanism in all Boccia watches is Swiss-made. Each watch is water-resistant to at least 99 feet and carries a two-year factory warranty.

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