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Alishan Halebian started his jewelry career in 1970 and soon thereafter, private clients recognized his artistic talent. He started his design career at the College of Ceramic Art in Armenia and continued his studies in art and drawing in California. Over the years, the California-based designer has won numerous prestigious competition awards, including two awards from the International Pearl Competition in Japan, several awards from American Gem Trade Association, as well as awards from the American Pearl Company and Platinum Guild International.

With experience in drawing, ceramics, sculpture and furniture design, Alishan prefers to work in the three dimensional form. He approaches jewelry as a miniature, wearable sculpture, and creates timeless pieces with precious metals, unusual gemstones, diamonds and pearls.

Alishan’s jewelry is an eclectic mix of textures, techniques and cultural references that come together to create a collection of special interest. While creating rings, brooches and necklaces in platinum and 18k yellow and white gold, Alishan challenges himself to experiment and bring his work to a higher level. Because of his artistic skills, Alishan is widely recognized as one of the leading jewelry designers.

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