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Ever wonder when and why watches stopped ticking and started humming? The unmistakable tuning fork logo on Accutron watches tells the story.

Accutron WatchesThe late 1950s, saw one of watchmaking's great advances when Accutron launched a fully electronic watch that measured time with an oscillating tuning fork, creating a new standard for timekeeping precision. To watch collectors throughout world that quiet whirr was the first sound of the coming electronic age. Since then, Accutron watches have been present at many defining moments of modern times. Including the launch of the Vanguard I in 1958 and the first moonwalk 11 years later.

Today's Accutron watches, like the early ones, combine the best of two worlds. Hand-crafted in Switzerland, Accutron watches feature superb Swiss quartz movements, but with distinctly American design; an Accutron is as recognizably "New World" as the space shuttle. Small wonder these are among the most collected watches of all time.

Accutron watches are constructed of solid stainless steel and have scratch-resistant, hardened-mineral crystals for water resistance to at least 100 feet (30 meters). 23-karat gold finishes are applied with the most advanced plating techniques available. Sculpted bracelet links and authentic leather bands fit perfectly on the wrist, while genuine diamond accents are hand-set for maximum brilliance.

Accutron watches are made by Bulova, one of the great institutions in watchmaking. Accutron watches carry a 25-year warranty against manufacturer's defects.

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